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Student Loan Solver

Student Loan Solver


Student Loan Solver

Payment Plans

Student Loan Payment Plan Options

Not satisfied with the payment plan you have right out of school? There’s good news: it’s not set in stone. You can take advantage of new or different payment plan options.

There are two main types of payment plans: standard and income-based.

Standard Payment Plan

If you’re looking to minimize interest and pay off the loan as quick as possible, a standard plan might be best for you. This option gives you fixed payments for up to 10 years, unless you have consolidated loans (10 to 30 years). Not able to pay quickly? Than you may opt for an income-driven plan.

Income-based Repayment

Paying off a loan quickly isn’t possible for everyone. With income-based repayment plans, your obligations aren’t fixed, but dependent on factors such as:
  • Income
  • Life changes
  • Family size
  • How and when you file your tax return
Student Loan Solver can help you find the lowest income-based repayment plan allowed by your servicer, if that’s your objective.

Choosing (and Switching) Between Plans

What may work for you today may not work for you in three years, or even six months from now. That’s why borrowers can change payment plans (or even switch between the two) throughout the loan’s lifetime. While you can check with your servicer to change payment plans, the company doesn’t always give you options in your best interest. Our Student Loan Advisors can explain how to switch between each plan and when the best time to do it. We’ll work with your financial and life situation to help guide you, all with your goals in mind.

Each student loan solution has different qualifications, so call us for more information on eligibility.

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